Saturday, 28 August 2010

I wasn't expecting this...

What I am about to tell you is something that I really wish I didn't have to say, but it is something that is, unfortunately, inevitable. I didn't realise until just yesterday, when my internet connection at my new home went live, that my broadband speeds are in one word - Useless. I am getting an average of 100kbps download speeds TOPS which is bearable when casually browsing the internet, but for Second Life I have learned after these past couple of days that it is just terrible. I can't move, my groups won't load, all that WILL load is my surroundings, and that is all. This is on low, at a draw distance of 24. After coming to terms with this it has been a massive shock for me to realise that as long as I live where I am now, Second Life is just not an option any more. What was once a dream for me and a land of possibility is now completely out of reach, and it's probably quite obvious that I'm absolutely gutted. I had plans and I was so keen to learn as much as I could, blog frequently, open up a store eventually, but where I live in RL now it is just not possible.

In the end, I think it is not just me that finds that RL will naturally always come first over SL, sometimes when you want it to, sometimes when you don't. I have a lot in RL that I can replace SL with... In fact, some things that I should have been doing in RL originally I actually put aside so that I could spend time on SL, but there will be no more procrastinating now.
I am devastated that my time blogging was so, so short lived. I could carry on the blog with the slow broadband speeds, but I wouldn't be able to log in to SL, so what use would it be? Thankfully there are plenty of fantastic SL bloggers out there who will continue to showcase the fabulous creations of SL's residents for the public to see and therefore I wish them all the best. I never was the competitive kind anyway, my intention for blogging was as a fun hobby and it would have continued that way if the circumstances were different.

SL will always be special to me and I am sure one day I will be back if the UK's broadband coverage gets better or if I move again. I know there are some things I can do to improve my current connection, but I have been through a lot of potential solutions of which all have been unsuitable for my individual situation.

I am so sorry my little blog with so much potential and promise had to die a premature death.
I don't know what else I can say now, other than thank you SO MUCH for reading my past posts... I hope they provided some inspiration/entertainment for you, and I wish everybody who visited, faved my flickr pics, etc etc the very very best.

Thank you.

Fauna Florian <3

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

An update

Hello readers!

BAH. This move is taking ages! It's ridiculous how many trips it's taking back and forth from old house to new, to get things sorted and organised before the removal men arrive. In fact,my partner and I have just arrived back at "old home" from a lovely nights sleep at our new one along with a tiresome organisation session so we're pretty pooped. Bed in a couple of hours methinks - I think I'm way too shattered to do anything!
I'm extremely keen to blog about some events running around now so as soon as I have a spare half-hour I'll roll out those posts for you guys. So many lovely finds at these great events, and so little time to log in to SL and wear them! Ah well, blogging routinely will resume once my RL is settled.

Thank you so much for your patience <3

Friday, 6 August 2010

I'm not a foe to a fringe...

Today I am blogging a look that I've been keen on showing you for some time. I've worn it for days in a row (Thank goodness this isn't RL otherwise I'd have to be handing out nose pegs!) just because I feel so comfortable in it... In a metaphorical sense. It's not too fancy, but very feminine, smart and extremely sophisticated. Clean lines are accented with soft laces that tame the harsh, angular look that seems to be a strong note in this outfit. Cute is not a crime here, however, as LeLutka's Pow Pumps deliver just that - Suiting perfectly with the femininity of the lace and making my legs look skyscraper tall! And this is an SL shorty talking! Have I died and gone to heaven? And, for the first time on my blog, I am wearing a fringed 'do ^_^ Somehow I just felt it fit perfectly with the whole look and adds an extra touch of cute.

This outfit looks just as good without the tights, if you'd prefer!

Grab it:
Hair: Maitreya Nimue - Cacao

Skin: Elise Bare Tan

Eyes: !tb- Blue Eyes

Eyelashes: [ glow ] Hollywood lashes - Brigitte Bardot

Top: BP* leaf lace Smock/natural/

Skirt: AOHARU_LaceRuffleSkirt_Black

Tights: {SMS} Shiny Tights Black

Shoes: [LeLutka]-Pow Pumps (Neutral Black)

Poses: 1st & 2nd pic: My own. 3rd pic: [ImpEle] Allure - 05

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Free spirit

My apologies for the poor quality photos of this and the previous posts, I was oblivious until I went on SL on my new PC and realised how different things looked! So yeah er.. Slightly embarassing xD...*SNORT*

Today I came across the fab new mens hair store from the creators of the popular womens hair label - Sixty Nine. The new department is called Ego, and as soon as I TP'd in I could see why. The textures are so detailed, the prim positioning so precise on each curl and flick that you're left staring in awe at something that is not just a cut and a colour, but a work of art on your head. What man wouldn't feel good sporting such exquisite hairstyles? I liked them so much that I bought a couple to wear myself, one of which inspired me to create the look above.

I've never worn dreads in SL, but I actually think they quite suit me! When I saw them I couldn't help think of my sister in real life. Ever since a teenager she's had dreadlocks and with them always dressed in a laid-back, earthy style that I was really fond of. She travelled to so many continents I couldn't keep up, exploring all sorts of places and moulding into each culture like a duck to water. This outfit reminds me of her, and although she has now settled down in her favourite country, India, I enjoyed replicating the essence of the free-spirited days that she for so long enjoyed!

Grab it:
Hair: [ EGO ] MAR - Chestnut

Skin: Elise Bare Blush Tan

Eyes: ID 2043-3_EYES [Pine]

Eyelashes: [ glow ] Hollywood lashes - Brigitte Bardot

Top: FAB.PONY "Twizzler" Top (Steel)

Shorts: (5th&Oxford) Seaside Sweetie Shorts - *olive*

Tights: {SMS} Shiny Tights Brown

Necklace: ~Scribble~ Hemp & Glass Beads/Red {! Previous Fifty Linden Friday item !}

Bracelet: ZC : Kaya Turquoise bracelet gold L

Belt/Bag: Meriken Co. scissors bag KIWI traveler B

Sign: Duck Soup Protest Sign (Pie)

Shoes: {theosophy} Dowlais Sandal (Tan)

Poses: Photo 1-3: My own. Photo 4: Self-configured AO

Region: Garden Of Dreams