Wednesday, 18 August 2010

An update

Hello readers!

BAH. This move is taking ages! It's ridiculous how many trips it's taking back and forth from old house to new, to get things sorted and organised before the removal men arrive. In fact,my partner and I have just arrived back at "old home" from a lovely nights sleep at our new one along with a tiresome organisation session so we're pretty pooped. Bed in a couple of hours methinks - I think I'm way too shattered to do anything!
I'm extremely keen to blog about some events running around now so as soon as I have a spare half-hour I'll roll out those posts for you guys. So many lovely finds at these great events, and so little time to log in to SL and wear them! Ah well, blogging routinely will resume once my RL is settled.

Thank you so much for your patience <3

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